Breast Implants

Build confidence at you consult or experience the expansion to boost confidence.  It is important to feel confident with your body in life.

When you feel beautiful, you embrace confidence.

Feeling confident with your respective body is not vain and is, in fact, an old taboo.   It may be vain not to embrace it.  Time waits for no woman or man !  The consult empowers you to be confident whether you have surgery or not.  

The patient examples below have significantly different goals and very specific requests.  Specialised detailed assessments and surgical techniques are required to meet their respective goals.  Not all patient are suitable for cosmetic surgery and it is important to make an informed decision before any cosmetic undertaking.  Dr.Nara will discuss your options at the consult.




Before and after effects are best viewed on a desktop or laptop

Dr.Nara takes time to understand your goals during the consult.  Various elements of your cosmetic journey will be discussed so just relax and let him discuss your goals or concerns.  Dr. Nara will encourage you to bring your partner, family member or friend for your consult.  Dr. Nara will empower you to make an informed decision whether it is simply to understand your options ( including conservative management) or to proceed with surgery.


Most implants are made from silicone where it conforms to better stability and long term results.  The benefits and disadvantages of implant options will be discussed during your consult.  In addition, the safety profile of implants is also discussed.






The shape of implants are generally either round or teardrop – Either shape of the implants are used for various specific aesthetic reasons that Dr. Nara will discuss with you during the consult.  Teardrop implants are catered for a particular styled look or a more natural look.  Dr. Nara uses nano-textured, or polyurethane foam covered implants that reduce the risk of rotation. You will have a choice for both the volume and projection.  Dr. Nara will assist you to choose what you like and more importantly, what you intend to achieve.  





Specifically, the safety, and risk minimisation strategies will be discussed.

Let Dr.Nara discuss your goals and enquiries during the consult.

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