Breast Implant removal

Breast implants are not life-time implants.  

Why would some patients decide to have implants removed?

There's a myriad of reasons as to why a patient may decide to remove their implants.  Some may experience issues related directly locally to the site of the breast.  Others feel that the symptoms in their body, outside the breast region, may be related to the breast implants.  The US Food and drug administration have analysed many research studies relating to breast implant illness where the silicone was not found to have a strong association with "breast implant illness."  However, some studies have shown that it is related to silicone.  For further information regarding this, book a consult with Dr. Nara for a detailed assessment.  At times, you may need many other specialists involved such as an endocrinologist, immunologist, gynaecologist, breast surgeon and your respective general practitioner. 

                               How is it done?

 It is first important to seek professional consultation with regards to this so that you can make an informed decision whether surgery to remove the implants is suitable for you.  There are various different techniques which will be discussed with you during the consult.  Dr. Nara performs these operations under general anaesthetic at the discussed licensed operation theatres for your comfort.