Breast Lift

Have you ever wondered why breast tissues sag overtime? 

Tissues may sag due to a variety of reasons.  Amongst them are the normal ageing process and hormonal changes. Dr. Nara will discuss this in further detail during your comprehensive consultation.

Can anything be done about it but more importantly do you want this addressed?

Surgery may not be suited for everyone so it is important for you to ask questions, be comfortable with your surgeon and understand the implications for each respective treatment option tailored for you.   Surgery involves various different styles of the scar depending on each respective condition and case.  Dr. Nara uses either a scar around the areolar, keyhole vertical, or anchor style scar.  Certainly, patients do gain better self-esteem after surgery provided they understand the implications and risks of surgery thoroughly beforehand.

Have you ever wondered whether you are too old or too young for a breast lift?

Age is not a major factor when considering breast lift surgery. 

Is breast lift surgery a simple operation?

Breast lift surgery is complex and there are various different designs involved.   It involves a detailed assessment as well as the experience to understand your goals.    Dr. Nara will explain to you how the operation is done, the risks involved and expected recovery.  Whilst it is exciting to gain a sense of confidence after surgery, it is first important to ask as many questions as possible and bridge your understanding of this prior to any undertaking of breast lift surgery.