Butt Enhancement Surgery

All about buttock enhancement and liposculpture

Buttock enhancement surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to make the flat bottom appearance look more beautiful by increasing its volume and tightening the buttocks' skin. During the operation, general anaesthesia is given to make the patient completely unconscious or asleep during the entire operation. Then, Dr.Nara harvests fat using liposuction.  The fat is processed and carefully infiltrated back into selected parts of the buttock area.  Dr.Nara inserts implants or fat into the buttocks, making it more symmetrical, refreshing themselves, and making the body harmonious.  

Buttock implants, made of silicone, are firm and helps enhance the core look of the buttock. Butt enhancement surgery may be combined with other body contouring procedures but this needs to be thoroughly discussed with Dr.Nara at your consult.

When a patient goes for buttocks liposculpture, the instruments used are unique.  This also includes the way it is performed.

Frightened patients can enjoy the benefits of buttocks liposculpture without worrying about intravenous sedation. Because the technique used first actually involves filling the excess fat deposits with substances that completely numb the area, there will be no sensations felt during general anaesthesia.

Buttocks fat transfer involves removing excess fat in certain areas of the body through minimally invasive liposuction. The process protects the live fat cells and preserves their viability. Before injecting part of the fat into the target area, the fat is processed and purified. It also involves injecting a small number of injection sequences for accurate contouring.

As with any such procedure, there are risks and limitations, The risk of infection or bleeding, and sometimes a fluid called serous appears near the incision. Exclusive fat transfer avoids the risks of implants.  Buttock enhancement with implants also has its inherent merits.  During your consult with Dr.Nara, different treatment options will be discussed so that you will feel empowered with your decision.