Buttock Enhancement 

Buttock enhancement is a bespoke aesthetic procedure that is carefully crafted, designed and planned for your long desired shape.  

If you have thought about buttock enhancement book a comprehensive consult with Dr. Nara to discuss your options.

Dr.Nara performs buttock enhancement through either fat graft enhancement, surgically inserted implants or a combination of both fat graft and implants.

It is important to feel confident as a woman or man particularly if you feel there are physical attributes that you feel could be improved through cosmetic enhancement.

Whilst buttock enhancement surgery may appear to be an exciting procedure particularly relating to the likely outcomes of obtaining an attractive 'behind' it is first important to explore the fundamentals and mechanics of the surgery.

Buttock enhancement is a delicate, personal and extremely comprehensive procedure.  It is performed on patients who understand the procedure, limitations, and risks.  Specific goals will be discussed during your consult.

Not all patients are suitable for buttock enhancement surgery so it is pertinent to discuss the intricacies of it during your consult.

Dr. Nara performs this by either surgically using your own fat derived from your body.  This fat is then carefully processed by through high technology specialised means to improve the viability of the fat.  This fat is then carefully injected back to the buttock region at targeted points so that you experience the enhancement.  In saying so, viability of fat graft is always a concern after surgery since 100% of fat retention is never possible.  This is because fat may gradually be absorbed back into your system.  Various factors can affect this such as the aging process, metabolic changes in your body, illness or even injury.

How is it performed?

This varies from individual and individual.  Graft retention is also not uniform throughout the entire buttock region.  In principle, all the fat graft inserted into the buttock does not remain there forever.  On the same token, it is difficult to predict whether these fat cells will remain there consistently and permanently over time.  

How long does it last?

There are risks and complications associated with any operation.  Specific to buttock enhancement, there have been reports of unfortunate deaths around the world during the procedure.  This was due to the fat being injected too deep in the region.  The fat entered the veins which then travelled up to the lungs resulting in the inability to breathe or respiratory arrest.  Therefore, specific understanding of the anatomy and medical experience of the buttock region is very important.  Many techniques are now used to prevent this risk from occurring but remains to be a risk.  

Are there risks or complications with fat graft to the buttock region?