Hair Loss Treatment

Is Hair loss treatments available?

Finding a viable hair loss treatment can be exhausting and frustrating, but there are few options you can trust. How well they can help your problem will depend on the type of hair loss you have and whether it matches appropriate support products and supplements. Various adjuvant hair loss treatments that complement other hair loss treatments can produce better results, but the best results may come when hair loss patients consult a hair loss specialist. Diagnosing the cause of hair loss, evaluating individual patients' characteristics, and a treatment plan based on particular diagnosis and evaluation will ensure that you get the best treatment, and personal expectations and reality are maintained. Experts can also compare photos to monitor the effectiveness of clinical hair loss treatments and provide other hair loss treatment options to increase the benefits of various approved treatments.

Platelet-rich plasma (commonly known as PRP) is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. Many hair transplant surgeons used plasma hair treatment in their hair transplantation operations. Since more than 400 surgeons were introduced at the ISHRS meeting in July, more and more people will begin using it. Treatment of plasma hair has gone through three medical stages. First, take 60-100ml of blood from the patient and centrifuge. Then remove and retain the most platelets and growth factors. The platelet-rich fraction can be separated, a portion dissolved to release more growth factors, and when combined with another whole platelet factor. The surgeons confirm that this additional treatment method can improve PRP treatment's effectiveness, especially for hair loss.