Fat graft

Dr. Nara enjoys conducting facial aesthetic assessments depending on your targeted interests.

A range of facial injectables is performed to either prevent further exacerbation of facial ageing or to improve facial aesthetics.  In addition,  facial aesthetic enhancements may also be considered such as to get a more angled look, improve feminity, or improve masculinity.

Each person has their own respective beauty and physical attributes where they may want some areas to be enhanced.  Each assessment is specifically tailored by Dr.Nara to suit your goals.

Injectables consist of non-permanent or permanent fillers.  The non-permanent fillers that Dr.Nara uses involve hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite or poly-L-lactic acid.  These fillers may be used to substitute reduced collagen under your soft tissues over time or to replenish your look from loss of volume in the face.  

The ageing process affects each person differently, and therefore a strong appreciation of anatomy, various ethnic backgrounds and medical conditions are vital to perform injectables.

Dr.Nara is focused on specific unique assessments where fundamentals, safety and achievable goals will be discussed at your consult.