Have you ever wondered how you could achieve a more defined sexy body shape and smoother curves?  Let Dr.Nara enlighten you on your treatment options including liposculpture

                         What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture or liposuction with contouring is performed for patients that would like to achieve an improved body appearance.   This is performed with liposuction. It is a very good operation to improve the contours of your body when performed by trained specialised surgeons and staff specific to cosmetic surgery.   This is a procedure done under sterile conditions while you are carefully and safely monitored where a selection of fat areas are removed using sterile specialised cannulas. 

Dr. Nara will listen to your concerns to understand the goals that are important to you.  Liposculpture is an artistic sculpting operation.  Dr. Nara, being a keen artist and extensive years in sculpting plaster of paris, brings his experience and interest to your unique assessment.

The Art of liposculpture

Dr. Nara has received advanced formal accreditation and training at Ashbooke Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney via the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons which is the only facility that trains for liposculpture in Australia.  In addition, Dr. Nara has travelled internationally for further advanced cosmetic conferences to share and discuss unique cosmetic cases to always improve standards and quality of care.

                               How is it done?

Sterile long instruments are inserted after solutions that are used to numb your skin are injected.  Recovery and results will vary from individual to individual.   The depth of your procedure will be discussed at your consult. 





After natural liposculpture etching( 6 weeks)


After natural liposculpture etching ( 6 weeks)