Novel Treatment for Arthritis 

Dr. Nara has a profound interest in non-surgical treatments for musculoskeletal problems.

Do you experience arthritis or pain in your joints, tendon problems, shoulder problems, or frozen shoulder?

Cell based therapies have become novel therapies for the above issues.  

Dr. Nara uses your own cells to help regenerate healing to your tissues.  These involve PRP ( platelet rich plasma), SVF (Stromal vascular fraction) or stem cells.  These cells can modulate the healing process derived from your very own cells so that you may experience improvement of pain and function.

What are the limitations of the above treatments?

Cell based therapies in particular PRP ( platelet rich plasma), SVF ( stromal vascular fraction) or stem cells have inherent limitations.  Not all patients are suitable for these treatments and strict exclusions apply.

They are not a replacement for orthopaedic surgery for which you may require further assessment by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon especially if your symptoms are not amenable to non-operative means.

Dr. Nara has experience in being an avid anatomy demonstrator at Monash University, and being extensively involved in orthopaedic or musculoskeletal operations including joint replacements, elective surgeries and trauma and injuries.  Dr. Nara has also had a 1 year experience for Master of Surgery specific to musculoskeletal problems specifically to frozen shoulder.  This experience, training and performing operations will assist him to understand you better and empower your assessment for cell based therapies.